Monday, July 9, 2012

We have been here in the West Bank for two days, and have experienced many things,from the encroachment of Israeli settlers on what is Palestinian land to visiting many sites in the Bible.    We saw yesterday the area where the lord appeared to Abraham and Sarah.  Seeing it now is hard to comprehend it happening.  We also have seen some of the tremendous constructions that Herod the Great accomplished obviously with many servants.  The building of three large water pools and the aqueducts that run for approximately 12 miles.  We have also seen way to many young Israeli soldiers patrolling vacant streets or at checkpoints.  Walking an empty street in Hebron which is off limits to Palestinians and encountering a patrol with automatic rifles is unnerving. 
Our host family of Orthodox origin is very gracious and the wife is a wonderful cook.
I will add a picture.   Solomon's pool built by Herod  the Great.

Rich and Lois

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